Venue Features

Live events are singular moments in time and place where temporary becomes memorable.

Live Online Event Center

The Winchester virtualizes all infrastructure required to host live conferences, festivals and trade shows: configurable interactive rooms, access control, production expertise and technology, e-commerce, ticket sales, internal communications and marketing, sponsor advertising, digital asset cataloguing, facility maintenance and security, and of course reception and hospitality areas.

Virtual exhibit spaces are the ultimate social arena for guests, sponsors and vendors to mingle and showcase themselves. Exhibitors can completely customize their level of presence and entertain as many live rooms as they have people available to host.

Interactive Livestream Performances

Enhance live experiences with unlimited configurable rooms that integrate any combination of production-level livestreaming, video chat, text chat, strategic advertising, in-house purchases and donations, interactive questionnaires, and pre-recorded media with scene-triggerable cue-points.

The Winchester also manages customizable ticket catalogues, guest registration, activity scheduling, participant caps, attendance tracking, integrated surveys, venue branding, broadcast communications, behavioural analytics and more. There’s even an integrated Learning Management System.

Before we forget: everything is mobile friendly.

Breakout Meeting Rooms

Recreate the networking opportunities live events are famous for, such as VIP lounges, interactive exhibit spaces, reception areas — even Gala Dinner tables, box seating and private watch parties.

Sell ticket packages for ranges of guest access levels. Combine livestream channels with live video guests. Host moderated discussions. Exhibitors and room moderators can even lock rooms during activity down-time, such as when it’s time to attend the Gala Dinner.

Every room has the space for customized branding, sponsorship, even public and private chat.

Personal Guest Rooms

You read that right: just like a hotel, every guest gets their own private room where they can even host fellow attendees by invitation.

Guest rooms are like profile pages reimagined for live events. Accessible immediately upon ticket purchase, guest rooms include direct access to event reception, welcome content, scheduled events included in their ticket package (event rooms remain ‘locked’ until events occur), private text and video chat areas, a personalized public ‘door’, plus additional room features and upgrades.

During events, guests accumulate all venue broadcasts, private messages and message requests, and exhibitor subscriptions.

Annual General Meetings

Pretty much every organization has the requirement to host Annual General Meetings. The thing is, the level of accountability they require make them very difficult to hold virtually — at least without seriously testing everyone’s patience.

The Winchester takes care of everything for AGMs, making Robert’s Rules a breeze: live speaker broadcast, establishing quorum, moderated discussion, timed private electronic voting, resource distribution, proxy voting, even making and seconding a motion.

The only thing we can’t do for you is write your meeting minutes. Although we can certainly help you record the event and provide detailed attendance records.

Permanently Accessible Content

Once in place, configured host venues can showcase all virtual content indefinitely. It’s easy to expand and prolong event participation by recording live activities and then uploading them as ongoing event media.

Capitalize on stored venue content by hosting mini-gatherings throughout the year to keep your event community's active attention. Your patrons get immediate access to whatever you want them to whenever they register, so hosting legacy content while simultaneously developing future events quickly becomes business as usual.

It’s easier than you think. Contact us for more.

Live events are changed forever.
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